Air fryer fan not working: Overview

As an alternative to conventional deep-frying, air fryers have grown in popularity recently. These devices cook food using hot air, producing crispy, tasty results without using a lot of oil.

However, it might be annoying and have an impact on the cooking process if the fan on your air fryer isn’t operating.

In this article, we’ll go through several causes of the fan on your power air fryer possibly not working, along with solutions. We’ll also give you some maintenance advice, so you can keep your air fryer running well. 

air fryer fan not working
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How to fix not working air fryer 

The steps to fix a not working air fryer depend on the specific issue causing the problem.

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Here are some general methods you can try:

Check the power supply

Make sure that the air fryer is plugged into a working outlet and that the power cord is not damaged. 

Let the air fryer cool down from excess hot air: If the air fryer has overheated, you should let it cool down for at least 30 minutes before using it again.

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Clean the air vents

To ensure that air can circulate freely throughout the appliance air fryer basket, check to see if the air vents on your fryer are blocked with food particles or other debris.

To clean the air vents of any debris, use a soft brush or cloth.

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Check the fan motor

If your air fryer’s fan motor is damaged, you may need to replace it or get in touch with the maker for repair alternatives.

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Contact the producer

You should get help from the manufacturer or a repair expert if none of these measures are successful.

It’s crucial to understand that repairing it yourself might be risky, particularly if there are electrical problems.

Always abide by the safety precautions and instructions provided by the manufacturer, and ask for help from a professional if necessary

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Why can’t I hear the fan on my air fryer?

You might not be able to hear the fan on your power air fryer fan for a few reasons:

Possibly, a very quiet fan – it’s likely that the fan on your air fryer is merely running at a very low volume because some power air fryers are designed to have very quiet fans.

It’s possible that your new power air fryer fan isn’t functioning properly because you cannot hear it. In this situation, you might wish to get the fan checked out by getting in touch with the manufacturer or a repairman.

The fan of your power air fryer fan may be obstructed by food or other debris, which would prevent it from spinning properly. This may result in insufficient airflow and/or extremely quiet operation of the fan. In this situation, you should properly clean the air fryer and make sure the fan is not obstructed.

Why did my air fryer stop blowing air?

Your power air fryer oven fan may not be blowing air, here are several reasons:

Overheating: When an air fryer overheats, a safety function in most of them turns off the fan. It guards against damage to the air fryer and any potential security risks. 

Clogged air vents: If the air vents on your air fryer oven fan are blocked by food scraps or other particles, air passage through the appliance may not be possible. The fan may stop blowing air as a result of this. To solve this problem, use compressed air to remove it.

You should completely clean the air vents to resolve the problem of uneven cooking. You can clean the fan by taking out the screws that hold the heating coil behind the heating element by using a butter knife.

Both the heating element and the fan inside the cooking chamber must be in good working order to cook food properly.

Broken motor fan: If your power air fryer’s fan is broken, it won’t be able to spin air around. The fan may completely stop blowing air as a result of this. If this is the case, you might need to swap out the power air fryer oven motor or speak with the maker to learn about possible fixes.

Electrical problem: Your air fryer might not be able to power air fryer oven motor if it has an electrical issue. The fan may stop blowing air due to a faulty power cord. For help in this situation, get in touch with the maker or a repairman.

Should I hear the fan on my air fryer?

Yes, when your air fryer is running, you should hear the fan. The fan is a crucial part of the air fryer since it aids in distributing hot air around the food to cook it quickly and evenly. By ensuring that the hot air is dispersed properly, the fan also helps prevent the food from becoming overly dry or scorched.

However, depending on the brand and type of the air fryer, the fan’s noise level can change. While some air fryers are made with very quiet fans, others could make more audible noise.

Your air fryer’s fan may be generating strange noises or being overly loud, which could indicate a problem. In this situation, you should refer to the user guide for troubleshooting advice or get support from the manufacturer.

However, it’s recommended to get in touch with the manufacturer or a repairman for advice if you think the fan might not be functioning properly.

What is the fan button on my air fryer?

The fan that circulates air within the air fryer while cooking can be controlled by turning on or off the fan button on your air fryer while the air fryer plugged in. The fan aids in distributing heat evenly, preventing thermal fuse so that the food cooks uniformly and acquires a crispy quality.

You can control the fan speed to low, medium, or high with the fan safety switch on some air fryers. This can be helpful when preparing various meals that call for varying degrees of circulating hot air. For instance, delicate foods like fish or pastries can need a lower fan speed, but dense meals, like potatoes or chicken, might need a higher fan speed.

Many air fryers include a straightforward on/off fan safety switch that you can use to control the fan as necessary. If you want to halt cooking, so you may check on the food’s progress or add seasoning or toppings, this can be helpful.

To turn on the safety switch, you can employ a butter knife or a bank card.
Your air fryer’s fan safety switch can be a separate button on the appliance itself, or it might be on the control panel.

For detailed instructions on how to press the fan safety switch and change the fan speed as necessary, or if your air fryer fan not working, consult the user handbook that came with your fryer for free technical support.

How to choose an air fryer that will last long?

Choosing a fryer that will last a long time considering aspects, such as:

Construction quality

Choose a fryer that is made of sturdy materials and is well-built. For the exterior, stainless steel is a wise choice, and for the interior, non-stick materials are best.
Reputable manufacturers of high-quality appliances should be your first choice when buying one. To determine how reliable a brand is, read customer reviews and ratings.


Look for the one with features like a digital display, adjustable temperature control, and a timer that will make your cooking experience more practical and effective.

Warranty and price

To ensure that you are covered in the event of any flaws or malfunctions, select the one that has a guarantee.

It’s crucial to spend money on a high-quality one that will last for a long time, even though a larger price does not always imply better quality.

Find a model that fits your budget while yet providing the functionality and quality you require.

You may select a fryer that is made to last and offers dependable performance for many years by taking these criteria into account.

Is there the best type of air fryer?

Since the greatest type for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences, there is no one “best” type of air fryer.

However, the following are some things to think about while selecting the finest kind of air fryer for your requirements:

Cooking capacity: Take into account the quantity of food you plan to cook at once. You might prefer a larger one or one with more baskets or racks if you’re cooking for a big family.

Cooking capabilities: Some air fryers also feature baking, grilling, and roasting capabilities in addition to air frying. Choose the one that can perform the additional cooking tasks you may require by keeping those in mind. Look for the one that distributes heat evenly, and prevents thermal fuse so that the food cooks uniformly and acquires a crispy quality.

Usefulness: Look for one with simple controls and good usability. Some air fryers make cooking simpler and more convenient by having digital displays and pre-programmed cooking modes.

Cleaning simplicity: Think of how simple it is to clean a fryer. For easier cleaning, look for a fryer with a non-stick coating or parts that can go in the dishwasher.

Price: The cost of air fryers can range from reasonably priced to more expensive. Look for a fryer that has the characteristics and capabilities you require at a price that works for you while taking into account your budget.
Investing in a long-lasting, high-quality one is essential, even while a higher price does not always equal greater quality. Find a model that offers the functionality and quality you need while staying within your budget.

The ideal type for you will ultimately depend on your unique cooking requirements, financial constraints, and personal preferences.

Before choosing a model, make sure to read reviews and evaluate various options.

Think about things like the size of your kitchen, your cooking requirements, and your budget when deciding which model of an air fryer is best for you. For added peace of mind, search for an air fryer that is simple to operate, clean, and has a guarantee.


It can be worrying if you discover that the fan on your power air fryer fan not working because it has an impact on both the cooking process in the cooking chamber and the food’s quality.

Your air fryer fan not working for several reasons, including blocked circulating hot air, overheating, thermal fuse, a damaged motor, or electrical connection and power supply problems.

To prevent any potential safety risks and to be certain that your fryer is operating correctly, it’s crucial to take care of the problem very away and to take safety precautions by allowing fresh air to enter.

Your power air fryer’s fan lifespan can be extended and issues with the power air fryer fan can be avoided with regular cleaning and maintenance.

It’s better to get help from the manufacturer or a repair specialist if you can’t figure out the cause behind the fryer fan not working or solve it yourself. I hope this article was of great help.

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