Air fryer stopped working while cooking: reasons and solutions

Nowadays, such kitchen appliances as air fryers are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Air fryers are essentially improvements of conventional ovens that use a combination of a heating element and an air fryer fan.

As the heating element here uses a particular grid, which is washed by hot air flows. An infrared lamp acts as the primary heat source. Separate from all of this, the key components are placed in a bowl of glass, where the food to be cooked is placed. Air fryers are reliable, but in some cases can be subject to breakdowns, and this article will dive into what to do if your air fryer stopped working.

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Causes of breakdowns of the air fryer

Despite the very many air fryer models’ high quality, reliability, and durability, sometimes there is an urgent need to repair air fryers, as an air fryer stopped working.

Very often malfunctions are associated with prolonged and intensive use of the device, which leads to normal wear and tear, improper use of the device by the user, non-compliance with instructions, fluctuations in voltage in the network, and other factors. As a result, kitchen air fryers need to be repaired, which becomes inevitable.

The air fryer refuses to respond to power on. People are most often faced with a malfunction of a new air fryer when the device does not turn on. In this situation, do not immediately panic, because in some cases the cause of the problem in the air fryer may be the following trivial situation.

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Electrical plug and power cord

In addition, you should pay attention to the condition of the wall socket, a possible lack of electrical connection, or poor contact could be the reason the air fryer stopped working.

It may seem unusual, but often a problem with the power supply is one of the reasons leading to the malfunction of the fryer. Before sending the appliance to the service center for repair, the user should contact customer service and should independently check the connection of the air fryer’s power cord to the socket, and make sure that the power cord is properly connected to the appliance itself.

It is also worth inspecting the air fryer power cord for damage, as mechanical damage to the power cord can be the cause of the problems.

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Socket malfunction

If the air fryer stopped working, the socket may have malfunctioned, so it is necessary to check the connection point between common fryer issues and the wall socket itself to see if there is voltage. If the socket is not functioning, then, of course, the fryer will not turn on. In this case, the problem can be solved by yourself, which means that the service of repairing the fryer will not be needed.

The first thing to do is to check the socket by plugging in another electrical device or by using a voltage test device. If the socket does not work, the problem may be in the wiring or a blown fuse.

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The air fryer mode is set incorrectly

If the air fryer stopped working, the user may have set the operating mode incorrectly. If the screen is lit, but nothing happens when the “Start” button is pressed, likely, the operating mode is not set correctly. An indicative problem is the timer, which displays 00:00.

In this case, repair of halogen air fryers is not required, it is necessary to carefully study the manual for use and correctly perform all the necessary steps to set the desired mode.

The user should check that all the control settings of the fryer are set as required in the manual. He should make sure that the correct cooking mode is selected for the air fryer working to cook food.

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The knob is not lowered to the stop

The air fryer will not turn on if the knob is not lowered to the stop. Many other air fryer models also have a button under the knob which is responsible as a safety measure for protecting the device if it is accidentally turned on.

When the handle of the air fryer does not fit tightly, it is not possible to turn on the cooking. If there is any other reason that the air fryer does not turn on, then you will have to seek professional help.

The indicator is illuminated

The illuminated LED indicates that power is being supplied to the unit, allowing you to skip the previous point. However, if the unit is still not working, there is probably a fault in the power source control circuitry. Unfortunately, repairing such an electrical circuit requires specific knowledge and cannot be remotely consulted by an untrained person.

Nevertheless, the cause of the malfunction may be a break in the connecting wires between the various components of the unit. To inspect the wires, it will be necessary to disassemble the body of the fryer.

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The air fryer cable is damaged

If the air fryer cable or power cord is broken, it may cause the air fryer to become inoperable. Cable breakage can occur due to mechanical damage, kinks, improper use, or simple wear and tear over time.

If the user notices damage, cracks, exposed wires, or any other malfunction in the power cable, it is recommended to immediately stop using the fryer and contact a professional service center or replace the cable.

Repairing or replacing the cable of the air fryer requires experience and specialized knowledge, so it is not advisable to attempt such work by yourself, especially if you are not a professional in this field. This is due to the risk of electric shock or additional damage to the air fryer’s power itself.

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Air fryer fuse failure

The fuse is an important component of the air fryer designed to protect the whole air fryer cord from overloads and short circuits. Placed inside the air fryer’s power button, the fuse acts as a safety air fryer that interrupts the electrical circuit in the power cord in case of unforeseen problems or malfunctions.

If the air fryer shuts down or stops working, it could be because the fuse has failed. This could be due to the overloading of the electrical grid, the use of high-voltage equipment, or other factors that cause current limits to be exceeded.

The fuse is designed to prevent damage or possible emergencies by protecting the electrical circuit from overloading.

If it is a blown fuse, it is not recommended to replace it yourself without the necessary knowledge and experience. The best solution is to contact a professional service center or an authorized representative of the air fryer manufacturer. There, qualified specialists will be able to carry out a diagnosis, determine the cause of the fuse failure, and replace it using a suitable fuse with the same parameters.

It is important to remember that the fuse is an important part of the safety of an air fryer. It protects the air fryer’s basket from possible damage and minimizes the risk of fire or other unforeseen situations.

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Overloading the air fryer basket

Excessive amounts of food placed in the air fryer can cause various problems and malfunctions. The capacity of the air fryer has limitations, and exceeding the recommended amount of food can adversely affect the air fryer fan, its operation, and cooking results.

When too much food is placed in the air fryer, the air can not circulate freely inside the appliance. This can lead to uneven cooking, poor food quality and even overheating. Overloading may result in reduced efficiency, longer cooking times, and poor taste of the food.

To avoid problems associated with too much food, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions regarding the capacity of the food inside.

The size and volume of the air fryer touch screen or appliances may vary, so it is important to consider their characteristics when placing the food. Distributing food evenly over the surface of the air fryer and following the recommended spacing between foods will ensure efficient cooking and quality results.

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Air fryer basket position

Correct positioning of the basket in the air fryer is important for optimal cooking. Incorrectly positioned baskets can result in uneven roasting or frying of foods and reduced efficiency of the appliance.

If the basket is not properly positioned in the air fryer, the air from the frying basket may not circulate evenly around the food. This can result in uneven heating and improper cooking of the food. Some portions of the food may be overcooked, while others will remain undercooked.

For optimal results and even cooking, it is important to place the food correctly in the basket of the air fryer. It is advisable to distribute the food evenly over the entire area of the air fryer. This will ensure that the hot air circulates evenly around the food and cooks evenly.

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Troubleshooting tips

In case of problems with the air fryer, some useful tips may help to solve them.

Look at the power outlet

Ensure that the air fryer has a reliable power supply and is correctly plugged into the outlet. To be sure the issue is unrelated to the air fryer, try plugging in another electrical item and turning on the same power outlet. It is important to note, that if the problem is an electric one in the power source, it is dangerous to handle it by yourself.

Study the instructions for use

Make sure you are using the air fryer according to the manufacturer’s directions by reading them. Verify that all settings and applications of modes and functions are by the air fryer’s door and manufacturer’s instructions.

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Check the timer and operating modes

If the air fryer does not start or does not operate, check that the timer is set for the correct time and that the correct operating mode is selected. Incorrect settings may result in the air fryer fail or the appliance not working.

Clean air fryers

Clean your air fryer properly and frequently to ensure that it functions without any problems. Ensure sure the basket, rack, and tray are clean and clear of oil or food stains before using the air fryer heat the oven and perform other air fryer functions.

Check for warranty

Usually, the air fryer warranty includes a period of free repair or replacement of parts in the event of a malfunction caused by a factory defect or manufacturing error. The warranty period can range from a few months to several years, depending on the manufacturer and model of the appliance (like a Power XL air fryer).

It’s important to note that the warranty is usually valid if certain conditions are met. For example, it is important to keep the original purchase documents and warranty card, as well as to follow the rules of operation specified in the instructions.

Clean clogged air vents and food residues

Regular cleaning of the air fryer is essential for its efficient operation and extended service life. Incorrect or insufficient cleaning can affect the operation of the appliance and lead to various problems.

One of the main causes of problems related to air fryer cleaning is the accumulation of grease and food residues on the surfaces of the appliance.

If the basket, grid, tray, and other parts of the air fryer are not cleaned regularly, this can lead to clogged air vents and poor hot air circulation inside the appliance. Insufficient air circulation may lead to uneven heating of food, deterioration of cooking quality, and even a fire hazard.

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In conclusion, while air fryers are reliable and efficient kitchen appliances, they can experience malfunctions and breakdowns due to various factors.

So, why has an air fryer stopped working while cooking? Common reasons for air fryer problems and malfunctions include issues with the power outlet supply, such as faulty electrical plugs or sockets, incorrect operating modes or settings, problems with the internal components of the appliance, damaged cables or fuses, overloading the air fryer basket, incorrect positioning of the basket, and inadequate cleaning. In addition, do not leave your air fryer unattended.


What happens if your air fryer stops working?

If your air fryer stops working, you will not be able to cook food in it. The causes of this malfunction can vary, including power problems, damaged electrical circuits, defective components or controls, or improper use or misuse of the air fryer. If the problem is in the air fryer itself, try finding the warranty of your air fryer and replace or repair it based on it.

Can an air fryer cause a short circuit?

Yes, a fryer can cause a short circuit if there is inadequate interaction between the electrical components or if moisture gets inside the unit. A short circuit can cause overheating, sparks, and in some cases even a fire. Therefore, it is important to follow safety rules, use the air fryer correctly and avoid getting moisture inside most air fryers.

What happens if you open an air fryer while its cooking?

If an air fryer stopped working while cooking, do not open it. Opening the air fryer during cooking can lead to dangerous situations, hence it is not advisable to open the air fryer while cooking. Opening the lid can cause a splash of hot oil or steam, which can result in burns.

Second, opening the air fryer causes the temperature inside the unit to drop, which can affect the quality of the food. As a result, the food may remain undercooked or not get the desired crispiness.

Why won’t my Dash air fryer turn on?

If your Dash air fryer won’t turn on, several factors could be causing this problem. The electrical plug may not be properly plugged into the wall outlet, or there may be a problem with the electrical connection.

It is also worth checking the condition of the switch or air fryer’s power button – they may be damaged or clogged with dust and dirt. Another possibility is that the air fryer’s internal components, such as the heating element or the thermostat, are malfunctioning.

If this is the case, then you will not be able to repair it by yourself, and the best way would be to repair it by professionals, this will be the safest and fastest option.

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