Can you freeze fresh mozzarella: a step-by-step guide for freezing

One of the most popular types of cheese is mozzarella. It is added to soups and pizza and also consumed fresh. If you have the leftover product after cooking, you may wonder, can you freeze fresh mozzarella cheese?

Cheese features

Before answering the question, can you freeze mozzarella cheese, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the cheese. Mozzarella is a fairly popular cheese, which is soft and white. It contains quite a lot of moisture.

This is a product that is made based on buffalo or cow’s milk. The aging of the cheese is insignificant, so it retains the maximum amount of moisture and its volume. Due to its soft texture, mozzarella cheese is the best option for pizza. Once melted, the fresh mozzarella cheese will be chewy and will melt easily in your mouth.

Fresh mozzarella cheese has a mild flavor, so it is often used to prepare elastic dishes. On the palate, you can feel the acidity and tenderness. There is a milky freshness. The longer the aging of the mozzarella cheese, the softer and more acidic it is. Some housewives add mozzarella balls along with fruit.

Possibility of freezing mozzarella cheese

It is impossible to accurately answer the question of whether fresh mozzarella cheese can be frozen. It all depends on the shape of the cheese because they all freeze differently. Not all types of mozzarella cheese are suitable for freezing.

It is quite common to find shredded mozzarella cheese in stores. There may be preservatives that help keep the mozzarella cheese fresh in some variants. Purchased shredded cheese is stored for a long time, and can be quickly frozen, which does not require additional conditions.

If you freeze fresh mozzarella cheese, the texture will change. Frozen cheese may also change the taste. The fresh product has a lot of moisture, so it has a juicy and creamy texture. Freezing may cause ice crystals to form and change the texture of the product.

When you defrost the mozzarella, it is not soft and smooth. It becomes dry and crumbly on the contrary. Due to the tenderness of shredded mozzarella, it needs to be properly prepared for freezing cheese to maintain texture and freshness.

Features of freezing mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese comes in different shapes, so it should be determined before freezing. If you want to freeze mozzarella cheese, follow these rules:

  1. Divide the grated product into several servings. Focus on how much mozzarella cheese you need to prepare any dish.
  2. Place each serving in a freezer bag and label it with the date.
  3. Place the bags with fresh mozzarella cheese in the freezer.

Freezing fresh cheese

If you want to freeze mozzarella cheese, follow these tips:

  1. Drain the liquid and pat the mozzarella balls dry with paper towels.
  2. If necessary, before you plan to freeze mozzarella balls, cut them into thin layers.
  3. Fold into a special freezer bag, which must first be laid out on a baking sheet.
  4. Place fresh mozzarella in the freezer.

Frozen cheese should be separated from the mold, and divided into portions. Freezing on the molds will prevent the mozzarella from breaking in the freezer.

Shelf life of mozzarella cheese

Many are interested in how long mozzarella cheese can be stored in the freezer. On average, storage is allowed for 3-4 months. If you froze fresh cheese, from which the water was previously drained, the shelf life is up to 3 months. Otherwise, the texture changes.

Ability to freeze blocks of mozzarella cheese

Quite often, housewives wonder, can you freeze a ball of fresh mozzarella? If necessary, you can freeze the fresh mozzarella cheese completely in a block. In this case, the process does not take much time.

However, it is important to understand that freezing cheese in large portions leads to the fact that the product begins to crumble after defrosting.

And the user is significantly more difficult. On average, you can freeze mozzarella cheese block for no more than 6 months. It is better to completely use up the cheese in 2-3 months.

Block freezing principle

Some people prefer tasting chunks of cheese. Therefore, they refuse to grind the product.

If you bought a large block of product and couldn’t use it up, you can freeze mozzarella cheese. Freezing is very fast because the product contains a lot of moisture.

To reduce the chance that the product crumbles, you can divide the block into several parts, or cut it into crowbars. This allows you not to get the entire volume of prepared cheese at once. Detailed instructions:

  1. Divide the fresh mozzarella cheese however you like.
  2. Pack in a freezer bag and label with the freeze date.
  3. Place in the freezer.

Can you freeze fresh mozzarella sticks?

Mozzarella is often used to make excellent cheese sticks that go well with any dish. If you are planning to start preparing such a dish, it is better to freeze mozzarella cheese in advance.

Freezing mozzarella sticks

If you freeze shredded mozzarella cheese and keep sticks in the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit at all times, they are perfectly safe and have a shelf life of 8 months. After defrosting, the product must be cooked or consumed immediately.

Freezing is carried out according to the following instructions:

  1. Put the prepared fresh mozzarella cheese sticks in the special freezer bag.
  2. Squeeze the air out of the freezer bag.
  3. Place the product in the freezer.

Features of freezing grated mozzarella

You can even freeze grated mozzarella if needed. However, first, you need to understand in which dishes it is used. To prepare the toppings for pizza, you need a lot of mozzarella sticks. It is very important to divide the product into portions before you start freezing fresh mozzarella cheese.

For one serving, use half a cup of cheese. Fold each portion into bags, and send them to the freezer.

Do not forget to mark everything so that you know exactly when you poisoned the product in the freezer. After all, 2-3 months will be counted from this date.

Signs of spoiled cheese

Determining that the cheese has gone bad during the freezing process is quite difficult. Indeed, due to freezing, the product may lose its original texture.

However, there are a few signs you should be on the lookout for. This applies to the presence of a sharp aroma, sour taste, as well as loss of color.

If you freeze shredded mozzarella, then after freezing it will crumble a little. Do not consume the product or use it for cooking if there is evidence of mold. It is believed that mold is deep in cheeses; therefore it is not always noticeable to humans.

However, it cannot be used. After all, it carries a great danger to human health.

How to defrost mozzarella cheese

If you need to thaw frozen mozzarella cheese that has been taken out of the freezer, there are several methods to do so. The easiest option is to put the cheese taken out in the refrigerator and leave it for several hours.

You can also put the frozen mozzarella cheese in a container filled with water. Previously, you cannot get it out of the package or container.

The defrosting process takes 1-2 hours. To speed up the process, it is allowed to use warm or hot water; however, it is better not to do this. After all, the texture of the mozzarella cheese will deteriorate more.

Some housewives prefer to use frozen mozzarella cheese. To do this, you do not have to spend time defrosting it.

This method can be used if you have previously frozen the mozzarella cheese in batches. To completely thaw frozen mozzarella cheese and melt it, increase the cooking time for a few minutes.

Application of frozen mozzarella

As you know if you put mozzarella cheese in the freezer, it will stay fresh longer. Therefore, you can use it to prepare various dishes. It is allowed to use frozen mozzarella cheese for making pizza or casseroles.

It turns out the original cheese appetizer. It is best to freeze the cheese in blocks for cooking so that the texture does not deteriorate much.

Often, frozen mozzarella cheese is used to make cream soup, morning scrambled eggs, and other dishes. The cheese makes any of your dishes piquant and special.

Also, it will be interesting to read an article about appliances for fast cooking of various dishes.


How long can I freeze fresh mozzarella cheese?

Mozzarella cheese can be stored in the freezer for up to 9 months. However, experienced chefs advise keeping the cheese in the freezer for no more than 2-3 months.

This will at least slightly preserve the original texture of the product. The exact timing depends on how exactly you will freeze the product.

If the cheese has a lot of moisture, it is better to use it quickly. Dry cheeses can be stored longer. It is also important to consider how tight the bags were used.
It is very important to check the mozzarella cheese for quality and freshness before freezing. After all, products that have begun to deteriorate will not be saved by low temperatures.

Quite often, housewives wonder, does freezing mozzarella ruin it? Freezing fresh mozzarella cheese does not increase its shelf life. If the freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, you can store mozzarella cheese until you need it.
The longer you keep frozen shredded mozzarella, the more it will lose its texture. The product is drier and will lose its beauty.

How do you preserve fresh mozzarella?

If you bought fresh mozzarella from the store and plan to use it in the next few days, you can store it in the refrigerator.

It is best to place the cheese in cold water or olive oil. The shelf life is no more than 5 days. If the mozzarella is chopped, then you just need to store it in a container, and no more than 2-3 days.


As you can see, you can and should freeze mozzarella cheese. However, it is important to do everything right so that you freeze mozzarella it retains its properties.

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