How to cook rice in Ninja Foodi: the best guide

Today, there are already packaged instant rice on the market, which most buyers like. However, many people like to feast on jasmine rice, which has a pleasant taste and delicate texture. You can learn how to cook rice in ninja foodi pressure cooker.

how to cook rice in ninja foodi

Features of Jasmine Rice

Before proceeding to the study of the question, of how to cook fluffy rice in the Ninja Foodi, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of jasmine rice.

The term jasmine rice refers to white rice that can be fried or added to various dishes. Many people like the combination of jasmine rice with chicken in a honey garlic sauce.

The advantage of jasmine rice is that it cooks quickly.

Using a device, whole grain brown rice takes about a quarter of an hour to cook.

Next, a natural release will be required for 10 minutes. As for jasmine rice, you can cook it in a device in just 3 minutes.

The need to wash rice

However, many people are wondering if rice should be rinsed before preparing it in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker. For perfect jasmine rice, it is recommended to rinse the rice before cooking.

This helps remove starch residue. Thanks to this, the rice in the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker turns out to be tender. Special appliances are in special demand when cooking because you can get fluff rice in just a few minutes. To rinse the rice before further cooking, you can use a sieve.

Place the rice in a sieve and place it in a sink under running water. Make sure the grains of rice are larger than the holes in the sieve.

This allows you to save the grits. A simpler method of preparation is also allowed. Rice can be folded into a container, pour water, and mixed thoroughly. In the end, it remains only to strain the cereal. You have to do it until the water is clear.

How to use the device?

An electric pressure cooker and an air fry are frequent guests in the kitchen, which greatly facilitate the process of cooking.

Therefore, working with the device is not difficult. It should be noted that the device has a second pressure cooker lid for the Ninja Foodi. However, this pressure cooker lid differs in design when compared with other devices.

The electric pressure cooker and air fryer are complemented by the classic version of the second pressure cooker lid, which is fixed to the main body of the device.

In the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker, the second lid is supplied separately, however, it is included in the product package.

If you put the wrong pressure cooking lid on while cooking and start the pressure mode, an error message appears.

The message “Lid” appears on the screen of the device. It indicates that you need to choose and install the correct lid.

Often people try to determine if Ninja Foodi is suitable for making jasmine rice. It’s safe to say that in Ninja Foodi jasmine rice is tender and delicious.

Selection of the ratio of components

If you are cooking in a rice cooker or pressure cooker, it is very important to choose the right ratio of ingredients. You can adjust the rice ratio if needed.


The main thing is that the proportions with water are 1: 1. This allows you to achieve the perfect rice that all guests definitely like.

If your family consists of 4 people, 3 cups of dry rice is enough.

This is enough to get 9 cups of cooked rice.

At the same time, you can enjoy boiled rice for several days. If you prefer freshly cooked rice and don’t want it left over, 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water suffice.

Cooking aromatic Jasmine Rice

If you cook jasmine rice in water using a pressure cooker from Ninja Foodi, you can achieve perfect rice. Rice at Ninja Foodi turns out fluffy and steamed, and it can be combined with various dishes.

However, many housewives want to make the dish more fragrant to consume it in its pure form.

In this case, the broth should be used instead of water. If you don’t like meat, you can be making Ninja Foodi Rice with Vegetable Broth.

Partial water changes are allowed to make Ninja Foodi rice. Water and broth can be taken in equal proportions so that the dish is tender and crumbly rice is obtained.

How to improve the quality of rice

Before you start cooking in the Ninja Foodi, you should completely cover the grits with liquid. If the rice goes out of the water, it does not cook and remains raw. To enhance the taste of the product, add a little salt before cooking.

For best results, measure white rice or brown rice using a measuring cup. It must first be wiped dry.

Water is best measured with special liquid cups. Once the rice in Ninja Foodi is cooked, it needs to be placed on a serving platter. This prevents sticky rice from sticking to the pressure cooker.

How to cook rice in Ninja Foodi?

To prepare Ninja Foodi rice, the ingredients must be taken in equal proportions. For dinner for one family, 2 cups of jasmine rice and the same amount of water suffices as you add rice.

Use broth instead of water to get a rich flavor. Next, a natural release of about 10 minutes is required.

Many housewives cannot understand why natural release is required. It is important to note that it prevents clogging the kitchen.

If you set the Ninja Foodi Rice to Natural Release, the liquid splatters all over the countertop.

The Ninja Foodi rice recipe allows for the addition of a small amount of butter.

If you prefer more delicate white rice or brown rice textures, you can add a little extra virgin olive oil. This makes the Ninja Foodi rice recipe more flavorful and tender.

Benefits of cooking rice

If you decide to cook pressure cooker rice, then it has a certain number of advantages, namely:

  • fast cooking time;
  • ease of cooking white rice or brown rice;
  • the possibility of changing the time for cooking and the ratio of components;
  • rice does not burn;
  • no additional purchase of a rice cooker.

What ingredients are required?

You need regular white rice. Many people prefer to cook long-grain rice in a pressure cooker. However, basmati rice has the best taste in Ninja Foodi.

You need to understand that basmati rice and regular white rice requires different amounts of water. It’s important to follow this.

You also need to monitor the time, as well as the remaining pressure. Remember that you need to follow the duration of the natural release. This gives you the best result.

To properly cook Ninja Foodi rice, you need water. As mentioned, vegetable or chicken broth is an alternative. Additionally, salt is required, which makes white rice more delicious.


Pressure cooking is quite easy if you have a special tool. So, the rice is very tasty and tender. It is almost impossible to get sticky rice that clumps together.

This is a great alternative to instant rice that has already been cooked.

It is better to use instructions rinse rice.


Pour 2 cups of dry white rice into a metal sieve, and rinse until the water is clear.

Once the white rice is washed, you can transfer it to the instant pot of the device.

Next, pour 2.5 cups of water, and season everything with salt to taste.

It remains to fix the lid of the pressure cooker, and close it until a click is formed. To properly pressure cook, set the valve to steam mode. It remains to choose the right mode.

You should set a mode that allows you to pressure cook. The level should be set high. With a pressure cook, rice can be cooked in just 2-3 minutes.

As you know, it takes time to build up pressure. As soon as it reaches the desired value, the timer will start.

At the end of the time the Ninja Foodi rice, a ready signal sounds. In the end, the second timer starts, which indicates the reset of the natural release. After that, you need to leave the Ninja Foodi rice for 10 minutes to achieve a natural release.

Finally, set the valve to the position to release the pressure. It is not recommended to keep your hand on the valve so as not to get burned.

All that remains is to beat the rice into Ninja Foodi using a spoon or fork. This avoids glutinous rice and makes it crumbly.

Selection of water and cooking time depending on the type of rice

It should be noted that Ninja Foodi white rice cooks for a different amount of time, depending on the type of cereal used.


For example, I propose to choose 2 cups of each type of rice and 2-2.5 cups of water. If you decide to pressure cook Ninja Foodi rice, then follow these tips:

  1. For white rice. Cooking takes 2 minutes, after which 10 minutes of natural release is required.
  2. For brown rice you need 15 minutes, then left for 5 minutes to naturally release.
  3. Jasmine rice should be cooked for 3 minutes, after which leave for 10 minutes to naturally release.
  4. For wild Ninja Foodi rice, you need half an hour, after which it takes a quarter of an hour of natural release.

Additional tips for cooking and storage

As soon as you place the ingredients in the instant pot rice, you should mix them. You need to start cooking right away.

If the rice is soaked in water for a long time, then its consistency will be spoiled.

If after cooking there is liquid left in the instant pot rice, it is better to cover the container a little without snapping the lid.

If you have rice left over from dinner, you can refrigerate it in an airtight container. Storage is allowed within 5 days. It is enough to heat the dish in the microwave before eating.

It is allowed to freeze rice cooked in a rice cooker. The expiration date is 1 month.


Let’s deal with the hottest questions.

How long do you cook rice in a Ninja Foodi?

It takes about 3 minutes to cook. Then just wait for 10 minutes and you get an amazing dish.

How do you cook rice in a Ninja air fryer?

It cooks rice under pressure.
If there is no such function, you can put the rice in a special baking dish and cover it with foil. Pour in some water and add spices.
Cook for half an hour at 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the ratio of rice to water?

The correct ratio depends on what kind of rice you are cooking. Use 2 parts water for 1 part white rice.

How much water do I need for 2 cups of rice?

If you decide to cook 2 cups of dry rice, you need to use 3 cups of water.


As you can see, cooking rice in a pressure cooker is very simple. The main thing is to choose the components in the right ratio and keep track of time.

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