Reasons Aroma rice cooker not working and how to fix them?

Rice is an outspread ingredient for an assortment of delicious and nutritious meals. Various cultures around the world include white rice as the main ingredient in different recipes. Cooked rice works in combination with various sauces due to its mild taste. Some cultural food includes rice in desserts.

Cooking rice is a very scrutinous process, particularly when cooking sushi rice. Aroma rice cookers are unmatched in the matter of cooking rice. These handy devices are kitchen appliances that make cooking ten times easier.

Get a bowl of fluffy rice each time you use an Aroma rice cooker. Follow a few steps to cook rice. Put any type of rice inside the inner pot, pour cold water on top, sprinkle a pinch of salt, and press the cook button.

This article will discuss the main reasons for malfunction and ways to fix the Aroma rice cooker.

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Why is my rice cooker not cooking my rice?

Have you been in a situation when your Aroma rice cooker is not cooking? Then you might start wondering why the cooker is not doing anything yet. Instances like this can frustrate anyone.

Rice cookers make the cooking time much more enjoyable if performing well. However, sometimes the Aroma rice cooker might start performing worse than before. The several reasons for the Aroma rice cooker not working.

The causes vary from faulty power cord to broken circuits and vital components.

In this section, we will look into the main causes of the cooker not working and show you the ways to fix the problem.

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Faulty power outlet

Without further ado, let’s get into the frequent causes of Aroma rice cooker breakage. One of the most known reasons for rice cookers’ bad work might be the damaged power outlet. Try other power outlets to determine whether your rice cooker’s cord is intact.

If the device remains unresponsive, this means a faulty power cord.

The cord transfers electricity to the rice cooker from the power source. If the power cord is damaged, the rice cooker won’t work.

To solve the issue, replace the old power cord with a new one. Visit your local hardware store to buy a new power cord. The replacement process consists of several steps. Follow the user manual to avoid any errors and fix the problem successfully.

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The battery not working

On the other hand, the main issue may derive from elementary sources such as power supply shortages. In this situation, you can detect the signs instantly. If the Aroma rice cooker has a power supply failure, it will be irresponsive.

In case of a power supply shortage, the Aroma rice cooker will be turned off regardless of taken actions. If you conclude this is the main reason, try checking the batteries of the Aroma rice cooker.

Some rice cookers power with a battery instead of a power cord. On one side, it makes the rice cooker portable and safer on the other hand.

Check the batteries for functionality and replace them if needed. You can buy a regular lithium battery in most of the local stores. Therefore, the issue with the battery can be solved effortlessly.

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Clogged pressure release valve

Sometimes the reasons for the rice cooker not working are simple. A clogged steam release valve is one of the brightest examples.

Usually, if the rice cooker is working properly, the steam evaporated from cooking rice leaves the pot through the lid valve. Sometimes the valve gets covered in the residue, which blocks steam from escaping from the rice cooker. It results in a pent-up liquid that trickles down to internal circuitry. This way, a blocked steam valve results in rice cooker breakage.

To avoid clogging, clean the valve using mild soap and rinse. If done successfully, this will result in a steady stream of evaporated liquid exiting the valve.

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Thermal fuse issues

If you didn’t detect the irregularities of the previously mentioned parts upon checking, the issue lies in the breakage of the thermal fuse. The main sign of the thermal fuse malfunction is constant excessive heating of the Aroma rice cooker.

The thermal fuse is sensitive to high temperatures inside the rice cooker. If the temperature rises significantly, the thermal fuse will prevent the temperature from rising.

The heating element may cause the components of the rice cooker to explode.

Sometimes increased heat leads to power outlet damage. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the thermal fuse is intact.

The thermal fuse collapses due to the extremely high heat inside the rice cooker. To avoid problems, replace the impaired thermal fuse. If this is a reason for the Aroma rice cooker not working, resolve the problem promptly.

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Disconnected internal circuits

This section might prove handy if you checked your Aroma professional rice cooker for the aforementioned errors and have not found the reason for the breakage.

In this part, we want to tell you about the damaged internal circuit. This cause is a bit more complex than the previous one since it is challenging to detect the source of the error instantly.

From time to time, the Aroma rice cooker tends to overheat. The rapid temperature rise often results in the PCB being melted. Then melted wires inside the rice cooker become disconnected. This condition leads to the Aroma rice cooker not working.

Compared to other causes, this one is more complex to fix for a non-professional. Therefore, consider visiting a professional to resolve this issue.

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Burnt light bulb

Another component of the rice cooker is light bulbs. The breakage of the light bulb might seem insignificant at first sight. However, it can be very detrimental in the long run.

Before we discuss the ways of fixing this problem, let’s see why it is important to check light bulbs on time. If the Aroma rice cooker is intact, the light bulb flash during the cooking cycle.

This way, it informs the owner about the stages of the cooking process. If the light bulb is broken, it will not be clear if the rice cooker is working.

Additionally, you may leave the Aroma rice cooker on. If left unattended, this may lead to fire hazards.

To avoid unwanted instances, annually check the light bulbs of the Aroma rice cooker. Buy a spare kit of light bulbs and replace them with broken ones.

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Why is my rice cooker not doing anything?

Now we have dealt with the most popular reasons, let’s look at a list of other reasons.

Wrong setting

Occasionally, the setting of the rice cooker might go a bit off resulting in error codes appearing on the cooker’s display. If this is the reason for the Aroma rice cooker not working, fix the situation by resetting it. Press and hold the cancel button. Count to 5 and release.

Heating element issues

The device’s burnt heating element might be one of the reasons why your device is not functioning at all. It is impossible to cook rice with a broken heating element.
If you have been using this cooker for a while, visit a professional to fix the rice cooker. If this is a new device, it is advised to contact customer service and inform the center and fix Aroma rice cooker.

Why won’t my Aroma rice cooker turn to cook?

After looking through our extensive list, you may have found the cause behind the issue. If not, check our final section. Despite being hard to admit, improper handling of the rice cooker by the owner can cause breakage. In this part, we will discuss why this can happen and ways to resolve the problem.

Lack of maintenance

A rice cooker is a device that needs regular maintenance. Lack of maintenance shortens the device’s durability. On the other hand, the situation might end in hazard.

Regularly clean the cooker after every usage, and keep it on a solid surface. Not only this will let you resolve the issue, but stops further damage to the device. Moreover, this technique applies to other kitchen appliances as well.

Usage errors

The lack of water leads to an increase in the temperature inside. As we discussed in previous sections, this leads to the melting of the thermal fuse. On the other hand, excessive water might leak and trickle into the device’s circuit board and affect most vital components.

When you add water to the pot when cooking, it is important to add the correct amount. These uncomplicated instructions are easy to follow and useful in troubleshooting the issue.


There are plenty of reasons that lead to the Aroma rice cooker not working. The causes vary from simple battery shortage to burnt internal circuits. The solution to the problem might be straightforward or request professional advice.

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