How to use Black and Decker rice cooker: learn to cook astonishing rice

Rise is considered to be a favorite dish in many nations. The cereal has healthy properties besides its wonderful taste.

However, cooking rice is pretty complicated for a single person. To simplify this issue a Black and Decker rice cooker was invented. The cooking process of rice has become pretty simple.

This article is dedicated to giving instructions for using of Black and Decker rice cooker.

How to use black and decker rice cooker: Best Guide 2023

Advantages of Decker rice cooker models

Decker rice cookers have heating functions that keep rice warm as long as you want.

You do not need to track the cooking time because Black and Decker rice cooker models have an inbuilt timer.

It switches off the cooker automatically once the rice is cooked.

Methods of using a Black and Decker rice cooker

To use a Decker rice cooker adequately and cook the cereal we have prepared for you complete 10 steps.

Determine the rice with a measuring cup and locate it in the rice cooker pot

Put the rice either in the cooking pot or the rice cooker.

Many Black and Decker rice cookers’ measuring cup is equal to 180 ml.

One such cup of uncooked rice will be approximately 3 cups of cooked rice depending on the type of rice.

Wash the rice in the pre-cooking period

It is recommended to clean the rice in water to get rid of dirt and other contaminations.

Moreover, washing decreases the chances of them sticking to each other.

Add it to a bowl and cover it with clean water or keep it under running water.

Measure the water

The next step is adding cool water to the Black and Decker rice cooker.

You should know how much water is needed by indicating measuring marks inside the rice cooker.

It is ordinary, when kitcheners add no more than half a cup of water per cup of rice, meaning that the universal amount of water is twice the rice ratio.

Consider the number of people, for whom you are cooking. The number of cup rice cooker depends on them.

Soak the rice

You can soak the rice for 30 minutes if you want.

According to some kitchens, this process helps to accelerate cooking time.

Add spices

You may add some spices before even cooking so the rice absorbs the aromas of spices.

Remove the rice from the walls

You need to congregate all the stuck rice with a serving spoon from the walls.

Also, be sure that the rice is below the water level otherwise it can burn during cooking.

Submerge the rice completely in water.

There is no need to stir the rice under water because that excess starch might be wasted.

Check additional functions of your Black and Decker rice cooker

A Black and Decker rice cooker may have other functions besides a control switch.

There are also warm and cook indicator lights with functions that delay the start of cooking.

Get the rice ready in the Black and Decker rice cooker

After finishing the process, put the cooking bowl in the rice cooker, close the tempered glass lid, and switch on the device.

Once the cooking is over the button turns off like a toaster.

Do not open the lid. Rice is cooked with steam. If you let the steam out, the rice might be undercooked.

The amount of steam leaving out through the steam vent is quiet enough.

Moreover, the Black and Decker rice cooker automatically switches off once the temperature reaches 212ºF and the thermostat is the preventing factor from the rice cool down and keep it warm.

Do not open the lid immediately

It is better not lifting the lid for 15 minutes after cooking rice.

Thanks to this you will reduce the amount of cooked rice stuck to the sides of the Black and Decker rice cooker.

Mix and serve

Since water is absent and there is only dry rice, it should be edible.

Then sort the rice with a fork break the lumps, let off steam, and prevent overcooking.

Steam basket

Steaming vegetables is the other opportunity for a Black and Decker rice cooker.

For that, you need to follow the next steps.

Add half a cup of water to the cooking bowl and put the vegetables in a steaming basket.

The basket should be located in the cooking bowl.

Turn on the device by pushing the control button.

Cleaning rice cookers

You should consider cleaning your device for its appropriate functioning.

It is comfortable to clean when the device contains aluminum and a non-stick coating.


How long does it take to cook rice in a Black Decker rice cooker?

Taking into account all the processes and steps outlined above, for cooking the rice you spend from 20 to 30 minutes.

How do you make sticky rice in a Black and Decker rice cooker?

To make sticky rice you should do the next moves:

  • Correctly measure the amount of rice and water, then mix them.
  • Add all the necessary ingredients such as salt and spices.
  • Switch on the cooker.
  • After the finish, open the lid, allowing the steam to get out for some time. This will make the dry rice sticky.


To get the finest cooked rice with a rice cooker, necessary to be aware of all the cooking methods of the work of the device.

Kitcheners should know how to measure the rice and water, clean the main ingredient of food, and acknowledged about functions of the Black and Decker rice cooker and steaming process.

A rice cooker has so many advantages and is simple to use.

You just have to buy a cooker and it is not complicated anymore.

We hope you will find the given instructions useful and good luck in starting cooking rice.

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