Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting at home

Have you ever wondered how many dishes can be made from rice? Rice oatmeal, pilaf, and milk oatmeal made of rice, from more “modern” it is Italian risotto, Spanish paella, Creole jambalaya…

Rice has no national borders, and every country shares the secrets of cooking traditional rice-based dishes with an open mind. And with the advent of the rice cooker, it became easier to approach this issue because the main rice cook appeared in the kitchen.

Now cooking is a pleasure: rice does not stick to the bottom, is not digested, and does not remain raw. After all, the developers made sure that the machine cooked, and the person rested.

Zojirushi rice cooker

One of the best manufacturers of rice cookers in Japan is the Zojirushi company. Zojirushi is a Japanese company that has been working for more than 90 years in the production of thermoses, various thermal products, and tourist tableware.

It’s worth a try to use a Zojirushi rice cooker once, and you won’t go back to the old recipes of your favorite dish! The Zojirushi rice cooker is compact. It supports useful programs, and a timer, and also keeps the heat inside the bowl after cooking.

The device copes perfectly with cooking rice, for this, it has a liter bowl with a non-stick coating. The microprocessor control system and center sensor of Zojirushi rice cooker constantly monitor the cooking process, providing excellent results consistently.

It is important to note that all Zojirushi rice cookers are manufactured only at plants of Zojirushi Corporation, Japan. This fact guarantees the highest quality of manufacture.

Problems with cooking rice

If you have some questions, about how to cook rice, it’s essential to understand what may be contributing to the problem, check and Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting.

  • Rice cooks too hard
  • Rice cooks too soft
  • Rice is Half-cooked
  • Rice is too dry or too moist
  • Burnt rice
  • Rice turns yellow

Most common problems

When the finished rice isn’t cooked properly, there can be several factors to consider.

It is recommended to Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting before using.

  • The texture of the brown rice may be too hard or too soft, as the amount of water becomes inconsistent if the Rice Cooker is positioned on an uneven or tilted surface.
  • The texture of rice varies depending on the brand of the rice, where it was harvested, and how long it was stored.
  • The texture of rice varies depending on the room and water temperatures.
  • Using the QUICK COOKING menu setting may result in harder rice.
  • Make sure the inner lid gasket has not been deformed.
  • Rice may be stuck to the bottom of the Pan or on the Side Sensor.
  • Rice may not have been rinsed sufficiently, allowing too much bran to be left on the rice grain.
  • If you are worried because the rice is turning yellow or dry. It may be effective to reduce the temperature in the heat maintenance mode.

What are the common troubles of rice cooker?

Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting at home.

Unable to start cooking or the buttons do not respond:

  • Make sure that there is a power connection.
  • Is the REGULAR KEEP WARM or EXTENDED KEEP WARM light on? Press the RESET button and press the COOKING button.

A noise is heard during Cooking / Keep Warm:

  • The microprocessor makes a sound while adjusting the heat power of the Rice Cooker.

A rotary noise can be heard during Cooking / Keep Warm:

  • The internal fan is operating to release heat through the air vents.

Steam comes out from the gap between the Outer Lid and the Main Body:

  • Please check if the Inner Lid Gasket has deformed or the Inner Lid Gasket is damaged.
  • Has the Inner Lid Gasket become soiled? Clean the Inner Lid gasket.

Extended Keep Warm is not K accepted:

  • Did you select a menu setting for which the Extended Keep Warm mode is not available?
  • Was the Regular Keep mode used for more than 12 hours? If the Keep mode is used for more than * 12 hours, the Extended Keep Warm functcion will not be accepted.
  • Is the food in the Inner cooking pan cold? If the temperature of the Pan is low, the Extended Keep mode will not be accepted.

The Display does not show the elapsed Keep Warm time:

  • Does the Display show the current time? Press the ► buttons for Time Setting to change the display.

The Rice Cooker starts cooking immediately after the Timer is set:

  • Is the current time set correctly? The clock is displayed in 24 hours. Please check and set it again.
  • If the Timer is set at a shorter time than suggested, it will begin cooking immediately.

The rice is not ready at the set time:

  • Is the current time set correctly? The clock is displayed in 24 hours.

The Timer cannot be set:

  • Did you press the COOKING button after setting the time? You need to press the COOKING button to complete setting the Timer.
  • Unless the current time is set, the Timer function will not be accepted.

When a power failure occurs:

  • Firstly, check the power cord, it may be power cord issue.
  • Too many appliances are used simultaneously, overload may occur, and the breaker will cut off the electricity. If another appliance is plugged into the same outlet as the Rice Cooker, unplug it before resetting the breaker. If the electric supply recovers within 10 minutes, the Rice Cooker will resume cooking automatically.

The outer cover cannot be opened

  • If you press the edge of the opening button, the outer cover may open with difficulty. Be sure to click in the center of the open button.

The thermal fuse has blown or cut off

  • If the thermal fuse is blown, then you have to replace the fuse and the new fuse is the best for the cooker to work.

The outer cover does not close

  • Is the inner cover kit attached correctly?
  • If the inner cover kit is not attached, the outer cover is designed in such a way that it does not close for safety reasons.

The rice cooker lid opens during cooking

  • Have you completely closed the outer cover? Be sure to close the outer cover until you hear a click.

There can be other reasons why the Zojirushi rice cooker isn’t performing correctly, in these cases you need Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting.

During the “reheat function” mode, the rice has a smell or the rice becomes watery.

  • If you leave the rice in the inner pan without using the heat maintenance mode, it can lead to an undesirable smell.
  • Unpleasant odor or bacterial growth may occur depending on how well the device is cleaned.


Keys do not work

Check to see if the rice cooker is plugged in properly and if the inner lid gasket is closed correctly. Check if the Keep Warm indicator is lit; if so, press the Reset Key and then press Cook/Reheat Key.

Beeper sounds 4 times while cooking

Rice cooker operating temperature is too high and must be unplugged and allowed to cool down before continuing.

Error indicators and its meaning

H01 and H02: The temperature of the lid sensor or the central sensor is too high.

Press the KEEP WARM/CANCEL button and open the outer cover for more than 35 minutes and let the inner part cool down. (Be careful not to get burned.)

E01 and E02: Indicates a malfunction. The best move is to contact the store you purchase the cooker from and have them check it out or replace it

Blank Display: The battery is out. The display is likely to turn off and the stored memories such as keeping warm will be erased.  Contact the store you bought the rice cooker to have the lithium battery replaced.

Odd display: Once you notice an odd display, consider unplugging the cooker before proceeding. It may also blink. Resetting the cooker may help clear this issue too.

The most popular questions and answers aboSolving the problemut Zojirushi rice cooker troubleshooting

Why is my rice cooker light not working?

If your rice cooker heating unit is working properly, but your function indicator light is not working, then the light wires may not be connected to the circuitry.

How do I reset my rice cooker?

  1. Plug in the rice cooker to the power source.
  2. Press and hold the cancel button for 5 seconds.
  3. Make sure that no lights on the machine are on before pressing start.
  4. Unplugging the power cord will not reset the cooking menu function.

How do you clean the heating element on a Zojirushi rice cooker?

To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or steel wool to remove the dirt. Make sure to dry the plate thoroughly before you use it again. After cleaning the heating plate, rinse the cooking pot and lid in hot water.

If something is wrong with the internal circuit issues of the Zojirushi rice cooker, it is recommended to refer to the instruction manual to correct the problem or contact Zojirushi Customer Support to get decisions.

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